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Do you want to sell your services or products online?

This eStore Add-on is specifically tailored towards converting your Off-the-Shelf website into an online shop. Whether you are selling your services, physical or digital products, or offering gift vouchers, this can all be done with our e-Store Add-on. We will even integrate it with a payment gateway, so that payments can be made on checkout.

We have a selection of ready-made off-the-shelf products Layouts that can be customised (within our parameters) to take on the feel of your website. Each layout showcased in our catalogue has been designed with “placeholders” ie: ipsum lorem placeholder text and stock photographs to give you a sense of the feel for the layout. These placeholders, stock photography and colour schemes will all be replaced with your content, while leaving the Layout as is.

We have separated the tasks out for clarity, in terms of what is required from you, and what is required from us, as well as provided examples below of how a layout can be changed in the customisation process to become appropriate for your business.

Please note that there is a limit in terms of customisation that will be done. Sections can be removed from the layouts if not applicable, but new sections will not be added to these layouts. There is also specific information that is required as standard for each product and therefore a specific place for these items in the layout.

*** All of our eStore Layouts extend an already-built Off-the-Shelf Website. One eStore layout is used universally across all of your products, so only choose 1 layout per website.







Choose and Pay
  • View and choose your 1 x eStore Layout option that will extend your Off-the-shelf Website.
  • Add the payment option for that layout pack to the cart.
  • Proceed to your cart, check your order is correct, and then checkout by making your payment – either as a once off fee or your first month’s fee. If choosing monthly payments, we will invoice you monthly thereafter.
Supply Content
  • Supply us with the product / service details in our pre- formatted xls. 
  • Supply additional supporting images. If you do not have any good quality images and would like to use stock photographs please feel free to choose photos from Pexels Free Stock Photography Catalogue.
Customise it
  • Once all product specific content is in hand, we will populate your chosen website, by replacing the existing eStore content placeholders with your supplied final content (text, images and pricing).
  • We will customise the colour schemes to complement your off-the-shelf website.
Make it Live on the web
  • We will connect your eStore to the Payfast payment gateway to enable receipt of payments for purchases.
  • We will deploy the store functionality live to your website for the public to access via their browsers.
  • We will notify you that it is live and ready to advertise and promote.


Examples of Customised eStore Product

Customised Version
Customised Version

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Choose any 1 product layout to add to your Off-the-Shelf website.