Need a website quick, but don't have the time or skills??

Buy an Off-the-Shelf website - No need to know how to build or deploy a website. It's already designed and it's ready-to-go. Just choose your layout and supply us with the content - and we will do the rest. At affordable prices too!
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We have a selection of ready-made off-the-shelf websites that can be customised (within our parameters) to take on the feel of your business and industry.

Each layout showcased in our catalogue has been designed with “placeholders” ie: ipsum lorem placeholder text and stock photographs to give you a sense of the feel for the layout. These placeholders, stock photography and colour schemes will be replaced with your content, leaving the Layout as is.

*** Choose the style and layout you like, remembering that the industry currently associated with these layouts are just for illustrative purposes. It does not mean that each layout is only for the type of business showcased.